Mango peda

Mango peda is a delicious, melt in mouth and easy to prepare sweet which is available in sweet shops . It is made with only three ingredients. Mawa is also known as khoya. In all varieties of peda, mawa remains the main ingredient and for variations, mango pulp, saffron, cashew nut,pistachios and almond is added to get the desired flavor and taste. Its very simple and easy recipe to make at home.
This is my mother in laws recipe , She has  prepared these delicious pede. Lets see the recipe .


Khoya or mawa- 200 gm
Powdered sugar-50 gm
Mango pulp-200 ml
Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp
Dry fruits – as per choice

How to proceed:

1.Grate the khoya  and set aside. Put the mango pulp in a nonstick pan. Place this pan on a low flame.
2.Add the sugar and bring it to boil on low flame stirring continuously. Now the mango sugar mixture slightly loosens.
3.Stir continuously for another 1 minute and then add the grated khoya. Stir continuously till the khoya and mango mixture combine well.
4.Then cook the mixture on medium flame till the mixture become slightly thick and ghee oozes out from all sides.
5.Once the mixture starts thickening, reduce the flame to low and stir till the mixture turns into a lump.
6.Add cardamom powder and dry fruits to the mixture, mix it well.
7.Once the mixture become a lump, remove from the flame and set aside till it is warm.
8.When the mixture is warm, make small peda from it and allow it to cool.

mango pedha 1

Mango peda is ready to serve 🙂


– Ankita K. 

Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned for more recipes in this section.

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