Coconut laddoo

Coconut laddoo is a sweet which can be made easily at home in very less time. It is very simple and quick recipe which you can make on various occasions.
There are many ways of making coconut laddoos, it can be made using condensed milk and mawa to give it more richer taste.

In this recipe we will make it with four ingredients which are easily available in kitchen. Lets get started:)


2 cups coconut, fresh / desiccated
1½ cup milk
¾ cup sugar
¼ tsp cardamom powder / elaichi powder

How to proceed

firstly, in a large pan take 2 cups coconut (fresh / desiccated).I have used fresh coconut to make the laddoos.
Add 1.5 cups of milk to it and mix it well.
mix continuously keeping the flame on low.
milk starts to evaporates after sometime and mixture turns crumbly.
now add ¾ cups of sugar.
sugar starts to melt and mixture turns watery.
keep stirring keeping the flame on low.
As mixture turns crumbly switch off the flame.
cool the mixture for 10 minutes.
now add ¼ tsp cardamom powder. mix well.
prepare small balls to form laddoo and garnish it with some dryfruits of your choice.

coconut laddoo


– Ankita K. 

Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned for more recipes in this section.

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